Weight loss diet CAN be YUMMY – this is something I’ve learned following the diet solution plan. Weight loss diet that Isabel De Los Rios offers is actually very filling and absolutely delicious! Following the Diet Solution weight loss diet, I never ever feel hungry and I don’t even want to cheat on the cheat days – it’s that good!

Having been on this weight loss diet for a couple of weeks now, I, for the first time probably in my life, don’t crave any bad fats, which I couldn’t live without previously!

Tonight my husband and I were grilling on our beautiful balcony. He had sausages and in-the-coal roasted potatoes and salad and I had grilled trout and salad. The smell of pork sausages first made me dizzy with pleasure, however when I saw him bight into these, I wanted to turn away. I am glad he loves and enjoys them and isn’t gaining any weight (he is just one of those lucky people who knew from early age he had to drink buckets of water a day to stay healthy and slim, which he still does and is. He also despises sweets – which helps a lot I guess, but not all of us are so lucky:)). But to me – this grilled fish accompanied by a rocket/tomato salad with Isabel’s yummiest dressing was probably the best meal I could have asked for even if I went to the poshest restaurant!

The weight loss diet doesn’t have to be all restrictive and boring!

Previously, saying or hearing the word “diet”, I would get very unpleasant shivers down my spine. I would constantly think of crash diet, hunger, headaches, having to restrict myself in a very unnatural way. Today, thinking weight loss diet, I get a smile on my face and am happily creating new recipes.

Following the Diet Solution Plan, you DON’T HAVE to create meals, as Isabel has done the work for you, it’s just me, I love creating my own recipes and following Isabel’s guidelines, it’s very easy too

The Diet Solution is not just an all-natural weight loss diet, it’s also really tasty approach to weight loss. In the last two weeks I have lost 2 stubborn kilos (4 lb) and the weight continues to drop the right/steady way. Substituting the bad fats with the good fats has not only allowed me to start shedding weight, it has also already improved my skin colour and my energy levels. I am so very excited about the prospects!