I love my tea. I grew up with tea being an essential part of all 3 daily meals. It was black tea and dried fruit tea during the winter period (from the fruit we grew in our garden and then dried at home) and it was fresh herbs tea from spring to autumn. My parents had their own piece of land where they grew their vegetables; where we had apple, pear, and cherry trees, raspberry/blackcurrant/blackberry bushes. My grandma would brew raspberry and blackcurrant leaves tea, which to this day I consider the tastiest tea in the world! When I was 17, my mom introduced green tea to the family. Despite its unusual to our taste buds feeling, it went very well with all of us. I became a green tea addict. Even though I still really loved all the herbal teas, it was mainly the green tea for me throughout the whole year now.

I later learned about all the health benefits of green tea. How itreduces your bad cholesterolbalances your blood pressurehas meditative capacitieshelps regulate glucose level (great for people with diabetes)has anti-viral and anti-bacterial capacitiesand many more, of which not the least one – it aids weight loss

Thanks for my elephantian daily consumption of green tea (I drink around 2 litres a day), I was able to more or less always keep my weight under control.

I also came to like a less traditional to my origin, but full of taste and character – chai tea! I call it my magical delicious keep healthy weight loss tea! I first tried a chai tea latte during one Christmas period in a Starbucks shop. I immediately fell in love with it. The way all the flavours are blended creating this unforgettable warm feeling… Oh hold on… it’s also loaded with sugar! Yikes! Well, I still enjoyed it at Starbucks, but then I went home and created my own, an anti-fattening, delicious keep healthy weight loss tea! My Chai Tea!

2.5 cups of water
1.5 cups of milk (I use goat’s milk as I am allergic to cow’s milk
)1 cinnamon stick
3 clovesseeds of 1 cardamom pod
2 inches of ginger – grated
1 tsp of good quality loose green tea (you can instead use black if you prefer)


Put all ingredients (apart from milk) to a small pot on medium heat. Bring just to boil, reduce heat just a little and simmer for 5 mins. Reduce heat to minimum and add milk. Warm the tea through with milk for 3 – 4 minutes more and there you have it – your very own, full of health and weight loss capacities chai tea!