Lose Weight Diet

The HCG diet plan is considered by its followers to be the fastest way to lose weight. This hormone treatment is safe, fast and effective, surprising many patients with the results and the minimal post-treatment lifestyle change needed to maintain their new weight. This is good news for many people afflicted with weight issues or even obesity and have tried to lose weight fast using a number of programs to no avail. By finally reducing a number of pounds, lose weight and keep fit, they can avoid several health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and kidney failure. They can also avoid other problems stemming from overweight, such as ankle and knee problems and muscle aches.

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone produced during pregnancy, which regulates certain functions of the body, including the rapid metabolism of fat in order to supply the energy needed to carry the fetus to term. Researchers have learned how to extract HCG from the urine of pregnant women and turn it into a soluble powder. This stable form of the hormone can then be distributed among dieters and dissolved within a solvent prior to ingestion or injection. Combining daily HCG treatment with a strict 500 calorie-a-day diet program, dieters can experience as much as 15 pounds of weight loss in as little as 3 weeks, making it the fastest way to lose weight.

However, the self-administration of HCG in combination with the self-monitoring of calorie intake can cause dieters to commit several errors, which will affect the fastest way to lose weight. One of these mistakes is not consuming enough fat during load nights, especially during the first 2 days of the treatment. Load nights allow the body to build up on fat reserves, which will reduce the effects of hunger pangs as well as decrease irritability among dieters. Another error is not taking the 500-calorie limit seriously, leading to additional amounts of food, which will reduce the rate of weight loss. Users will also drink soda and alcohol instead of water, unsweetened tea or coffee and will increase the sugar levels in their body. They may also fail to trim their meat of any fat or consume ground meat, which mixes fat with the lean tissue. For those who are disciplined at counting calories, losing weight using the HCG treatment plan will go much easier with little disruption throughout the weight loss.

Water deficiency is also another problem for HCG treatment users. Water is needed to facilitate the metabolism of fat in the body. Users are expected to drink 2 liters of fluids a day to support the fastest way to lose weight. Users may also eat the same type of meals throughout the treatment for convenience in preparation. However, the monotony of the meals can be boring, causing dieters to seek out junk food for relief. The failure to change meals can also reduce the effectiveness of the HCG in the body. And while their meals stay within the calorie limit, dieters may add condiments like ketchup or gravy on their food for flavor, forgetting that these additives are loaded with calories. Dieters are suggested to use calorie-light condiments such as lemon slices and apple cider vinegar. Going on a diet, counting calories, losing weight and keeping fit is taxing, but the results are all for the better for the fastest way to lose weight.

Another mistake performed by HCG users is forgetting to measure their weight everyday, relying instead on the fit of their clothes to tell if their diet is working. However, the body can gain or lose as much as 10 lbs. before it affects the fit of the clothes. Still another error is ingesting the incorrect dosage of HCG. Users can be tempted to increase their dosage, believing that the fastest way to lose weight is still not fast enough and can be hastened even more. However, the incorrect dosage of the hormone can reduce the rate of weight loss and even cause the body to become immune to it, producing no weight loss at all. When this is the case, users must stop ingesting HCG for a month to eliminate the immunity before trying the treatment again. Physically active users may also combine strenuous exercise with the treatment with the belief that this will increase the rate of weight loss. However, the HCG treatment program is designed to help the body lose weight fast without the need for strenuous exercise. Since the hormone is already metabolizing the existing body fay, such physical activity will only consume lean muscle tissue in order to supply the needed energy during exercise. As such, only light exercise is recommended during treatment, such as walking or doing chores. Users can resume their active lifestyle a few days after the last of the HCG doses is taken, making the most out of the fastest way to lose weight.

Those interested in undergoing HCG treatment and experience the fastest way to lose weight are advised to have a medical check up to establish any medical condition which may affect the effectiveness of the hormone. Patients who experience headaches, menopause and hormonal imbalance may want to seek other methods of weight loss, instead. Existing health problems may also be worsened by the strict calorie limit of the diet plan program.

There are plenty of books and guides on the subject of HCG diet plan, raising awareness on the effectiveness of the technique, helping to create weight diet plan and providing tips to get readers to experience the fastest way to lose weight. These books can be found in major bookstores and online stores. Experienced treatment seekers can use online resources to look for cheaper sources of HCG, as treatment centers and experts add to the cost of the hormones they are selling to increase their profit margin. Nevertheless, among the number of ways lose weight, HCG is proving to be the effective method in being the fastest way to lose weight.